We are located in the luxurious Pinciano - Parioli District, characterized by sumptuous historic mansions and large parks, surrounded by Embassies from all over the world. We are halfway between Villa Borghese, once a princely residence that now enchants as the home of the celebrated Borghese Gallery, and Villa Ada (Savoy), a former royal residence. A very short distance away is the charming Coppedè, the centerpiece of the Italian Art Nouveau style, with its architecture designed by Gino Coppedè in the 1920s.


The Borghese Gallery, located in the picturesque Villa Borghese in Rome, is a cultural treasure. Founded in the 17th century by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, it is famous for its exceptional collection of sculptures and paintings. It offers an extraordinary journey into art and beauty, enchanting anyone who ventures there with a unique experience.


The Coppedè, the centerpiece ofArt Nouveau in Italy, is an architectural complex created in the 1920s by architect Gino Coppedè, who created an extraordinary architectural experiment around Piazza Mincio. This agglomeration of buildings represents an original expression of Italian "Symbolism," rich in detail and becoming the sign of a style and fashion of the time.

catacombs of priscilla

The"queen catacumbarum," an ancient Christian cemetery, offers a striking experience. Excavated between the 2nd and 5th centuries, this site contains numerous tombs of martyrs. Hidden for centuries to protect it from looting, it was discovered in the 16th century but despoiled of its treasures. It stretches for about 13 km, with several levels of depth, holding tombstones, sarcophagi and a fascinating history, including the oldest known portrait of Mary, mother of Jesus.


The National Gallery of Modern Art is a contemporary treasure in Rome. Framed in a majestic building, it houses a vast collection of artistic masterpieces from the 19th and 20th centuries, from Impressionist works to contemporary creations. A visual journey through the eras of modern and contemporary art in a setting that enchants and inspires every visitor.


MACRO, Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art, is a creative explosion in the heart of the eternal city. With its innovative exhibitions and dedication to contemporary art, this space transforms the art experience into something engaging and inspiring. A fusion of concepts, colors and forms that celebrates modern creativity in a unique and compelling way.


Founded in 1911, this zoological park stands out for its educational and conservation mission: every step brings you closer to elephants, lions, giraffes, and many other inhabitants of the animal kingdom, offering a unique experience that combines fun, learning, and a commitment to animal conservation. A place to learn, wonder, and connect with the beauty and diversity of wildlife.


Villa Ada is an impressive Roman park that invites exploration. Walk through shady paths among ancient trees and discover the Royal Villa, former residence of the Savoy family, now home to the Embassy of Egypt. This neoclassical palace is just one of the park's gems, along with the Temple of Flora, the Villa Polissena, the Royal Stables, the Swiss Chalet, and the Gothic Tower.